Allmand Maxi-Power Mobile Generator

Maxi-Power™ Mobile Generator

Maximize the power of your jobsite with the Maxi-Power™ Mobile Generator. This generator comes equipped with a heavy duty, oversized alternator equipped for starting any motor size needed. With a frequency switch for flexibility of jobsite power needs, and 15 inch tires for longer wear and greater towing capabilities, this generator will last and deliver the power you need to get the job done.

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Heavy Duty, Over-sized Alternator with Separate Excitation Winding

Larger starting capacity to more easily start larger motors with variable loads.


Sound Attenuated, with Airflow Design

Reduction in sound level.


Fuel Filter System

Dual fuel filter system with acrylic filter housing which removes contaminants to provide enhanced protection for longer engine life.


High Capacity, Cold Start Battery

Increase cold cranking amps for easier starting capabilities in all climate conditions.

Armature Connection Star with Neutral/Zig/Zag
Number Of Poles 4 Pole
Excitation Brushless with AVR
Voltage Regulation Percentage 0.50%
Power Factor 0.8
Frequency - Hz (Switchable) 60 (50)
Standby Power - kVA(kW) 137 (110)
Prime Power - kVA(kW) 125 (100)
Voltage Single Phase (Switchable) 120 / 240 / 277
Voltage Three Phase (Switchable) 208 / 240 / 416 / 480
Amperage Single Phase 120 V (A) 300 x 2
Amperage Single Phase 240 V (A) 300
Amperage Three Phase 208 V (A) 328
Amperage Three Phase 240 V (A) 300
Amperage Three Phase 480 V (A) 150
Engine Brand Isuzu
Engine Model 4HK1X
EPA Emission Level Tier 3
Number of Cylinders 4
Output @ Rated Speed (1800 RPM) - HP 152
Governor Type Isochronous
Integral Fuel Tank Capacity (gal) 198
Full Fluid Containment 110%
Lubricating Oil Capacity (gal) 5.4
Coolant Capacity (gal) 5.7
Battery (V) 12
Run Time @ Full Load (hrs) 26+
Length W/O Trailer (in) 100
Width W/O Trailer (in) 46
Height W/O Trailer (in) 72
Dry Weight (lbs) 4,729
Operating Wet Weight (lbs) 6,173
Sound Level @ 23 ft. (NO LOAD) - dBA < 66
Trailer Length (in) 184
Trailer Width (in) 77
Trailer Height (in) 30
Trailer Weight (lbs) 1,400
Trailer GVWR (lbs) 9,980
Insulation Class F
Marketing Model MP125 Canada Only
Manuals DownloadOperator's Manual - English



Disclaimer: Allmand has a policy of continuous product improvement and reserves the right to modify its specifications at any time and without prior notice.

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