PPSI 400 Power Unit

Model: PPSI 400


The standard unit pictured comes with a John Deere Water-cooled diesel engine. The power unit can either be trailer mounted for ease of mobility or skid mounted for a more permanent setup.



Weight: 4080 Lbs.

Fuel Tank Length: 80” Overall 130”

Fuel Tank Width: 36” Overall 66”

Lifting Frame Height: 99”


Fuel Capacity US Gallons: 100 U.S. Gal

Hydraulic System

Capacity: 75 U.S. Gal

Vane Style Hydraulic Pump

High Pressure Relief Valve

Externally Mounted Filter

Safety Shutdown System for Low oil

Pressure or Hydraulic Oil, High Engine or Hydraulic Temperature

Highway Towable

Adjustable legs for Easy Leveling of Units

Lifting frame

Torsion Axle mounted chassis, or Skids

Engine Specifications

Model John Deere Diesel

Type 4 Cylinders, Water Cooled

Governor Mechanical

Aspiration Natural

Air Cleaner Dry

Murphy Shut Down System

In the interest of product improvement equipment specifications maybe change without notice

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